Glacier Cyclery & Nordic has long been the resource for year-round fun in Northwestern Montana, outfitting cyclists in the summer and fall, and Nordic skiers during the snowy months. Now with our rental fleet of fat bikes, the cycling season never ends, and you can venture via pedal power into the Montana winter wonderland. If Nordic skiing is your passion, Glacier Cyclery & Nordic has the cross country equipment, gear, accessories and rentals to outfit the entire family for a day of winter fun.  SCHEDULE AND BOOK AVAILABLE SHUTTLES DEPARTING FROM GLACIER CYCLERY.  CLICK HERE!


Great Northern is a specialty bike and ski shop with products and services best suited for the terrain of the Flathead Valley. They are known for their performance level mountain and road bikes, high end rental bikes, timely and meticulous service, and high quality espresso.   SCHEDULE AND BOOK AVAILABLE SHUTTLES DEPARTING FROM GLACIER CYCLERY.  CLICK HERE!


Wheaton's has been the Flathead Valley's source for fun stuff for over eighty-eight years.  Wheaton's has continued the tradition of quality and friendly home service.Wheaton's has been known for being on the cutting edge of new product categories. The store pioneered such oddities as the mountain bike, in-line skates and snowboards. Glimpses of the future can be seen throughout the merchandise, with the spotlight now on all things cycling and skateboards.


Come and experience Glacier's pristine forests, alpine meadows, rugged mountains, and spectacular lakes. 


Flathead Area Mountain Bikers is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.  Our mission is to preserve and advance mountain bike activities in the Flathead Valley of northwest Montana.

Whitefish Trail

Clean water, public access, recreation, thriving forests, uncluttered views and wildlife are all part of our way of life. Whitefish Legacy Partners is dedicated to creating permanent access and recreational opportunities on the public and private lands surrounding Whitefish for generations to come. 

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Since 2008 Blackstrap has been the industry standard for quality, technology, and innovation.  It goes from my daily wear while skiing to an essential cycling carry during the spring, summer, and fall.  Sun, rain, cold weather, bugs- it is the only product that stays with me no matter the season.  Visit Blackstrap.





Founded in 2013, DrinkTanks® revolutionized the growler industry through quality and innovation.  DrinkTanks® manufactures premium stainless steel, double-walled, vacuum insulated growlers and cups, along with a full line of accessories.

Wattie Ink


Field Work Nutrition


Wattie Ink. is a brand focused and committed to the sport of triathlon, its courageous athletes, and delivering them the highest level of performance, style and quality

Field Work Nutrition

Field Work Nutrition

Field Work Nutrition


Field Work Nutrition Co. Develops products for a community of likeminded people that value living a healthy vibrant life by eating well and pursuing their athletic and active passions “in the field.”

KDE Direct

Field Work Nutrition

Off the Wall Media


Driven by innovation and high-quality, KDE Direct's mission continues to center around developing leading technology and providing world-class customer support. As the leader in component design and production of brushless motors, ESC’s, and propellers, KDE Direct is setting the standard for UAV propulsion systems.

Off the Wall Media

Field Work Nutrition

Off the Wall Media

Portland web design and digital

Portland web design and digital marketing from Off the Wall Media will provide you with all the services needed to create and grow your business.  Their clients are NBA announcers, X-Games athletes, bestselling authors, multi-billion dollar companies and the local small business just around the corner (including the Whitefish Shuttle).  They are a small company that does big things.

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web cams from across the valley


Apgar Mt. - Northeast View

The summit of Apgar Mountain provides a spectacular view of Lake McDonald and the mountains in the distance. To the left of the lake are Stanton Mountain and Mt. Vaught (Stanton just in front of Vaught) and then just to the right the Garden Wall. The Continental Divide follows the crest of the Garden Wall. Continuing to the right are Mt. Cannon and Mt. Brown. The last mountain clearly visible to the right is Edwards Mountain. Apgar Lookout is at the summit and one of the more popular hikes on the west side.

Apgar Mt. - Southeast View

The southwestern boundary of the park is the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. The valley offers a different, but still spectacular, contrast to the Going-to-the-Sun Road, inside the park.

This section of the park offers some of the most challenging and remote experiences Glacier has to offer. The highlight of this view is the dramatic glacier-carved horn of Mount Saint Nicholas (elev. 9376 ft.). When glaciers carve on three or more sides of a peak at the same time they form these classic glacial horns. We have several other horns in the park but no better representation than Saint Nicholas.

Apgar Village

The village of Apgar is the main hub of activity (on the west side of the park) throughout the summer. The park's largest campground is located here as are gift shops, a restaurant, lodging facilities, and boat and recreational equipment rentals. In the other times of the year Apgar returns to a much quieter time. Expect to see buses of school kids coming for visits and snowshoe trips. You are just as likely to see a few deer wandering about as you are a person. Most winters one or two of the gift shops remain open to welcome off-season visitors.

Lake McDonald

To many visitors to the park, this view is their first introduction to the spectacular scenery of Glacier National Park. This iconic view from Apgar, at the foot of Lake McDonald, really shows what Glacier is all about...big glacially carved lakes, vast wild views of the high peaks along the Continental Divide, and the ever-changing forests that blanket much of the lower elevations. It's no wonder that for many people when they think of Glacier, they think of this view.

Whitefish Ski Resort Summit Webcam

One of our favorites.  This webcam allows you to zoom and pan.  You can also download an app that allows the live cam to be your screensaver!