Hike & Ride Fernie!

Fernie Shuttle

Look no further than Fernie, B.C. for some of the best mountain biking and hiking in Canada. With over 100 marked trails, there is something for everyone. Whether you seek hiking trails, or crave wide machine-made flowing trails for beginner and intermediate riders or challenging steep and technical single track trails for advanced and expert riders, or incredible XC trails, Fernie has it all right from the city's front door step!  

 For up to date information on Fernie trails, click here 

Our Fernie Shuttle departs Kalispell at 7:00am and picks up in Whitefish at approximately 7:30am.  It will take us approximately 2 hours to get to Fernie (DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT, OR YOU'LL BE LEFT AT BORDER CROSSING WHILE WE GO RIDE).  We will arrive in Fernie at approximately 9:30am, and will be dropping at the resort.  From there, you can ride the resort or any of the nearby trails.  

Pickup will be at 7:30pm (DON'T BE LATE, WE CAN'T WAIT), which gives you plenty of time for dinner and apres bike beverages.  You can have open containers on the US side of the border on the return trip.  DON'T BE LATE, WE CAN'T WAIT!!! 


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