Cycle Polebridge (pedal2pastries) polebridge mercantile

Looking for a fun ride with a little bit of everything?  Our Pedal2Pastries Guided Tour or Shuttle is just what you've been looking for!

There are so many great riding options out of Polebridge.  Depending on season, traffic, road conditions, and weather, we will discuss riding options the day of the trip.  


We shuttle you up the scenic North Fork Corridor to the intersection of the North Fork Road and Camas Road.  From here,  you will cycle a mix of dirt, gravel, and paved roads to the world famous, historic Polebridge Mercantile.  Enjoy lunch in the yard at the Northern Lights Saloon, or munch on a delicious pastry from the Merc!  You can do it one way, which is 13 miles to the Merc, or you can ride the entire 26 miles and we can pick you up on our way southbound.  

Peddle to Bowman Lake in Glacier National Park:

A little off the beaten path, many consider the views from Bowman Lake to be the most beautiful in the park.  The ride leaves the Polebridge Mercantile on a bumpy dirt road that after a mile will bring you to the Polebridge Ranger Station.  Then it is a strenuous climb for a couple miles before it levels out a little with some rollers before you make it to Bowman Lake.  Enjoy the beautiful views before you start the 7 mile ride back to Polebridge where you can enjoy an amazing sandwich and a world famous Huckleberry Bear Claw!

The Pedal2Pasties departs at either 8:30am or 3:00pm. 

There are vehicles on the road, dress for weather, and bring bear spray!

Guided Tour Option:

Tour included round trip shuttle from your accommodations, water, snacks, Whitefish Tour & Shuttle water bottle (Specialized Purist), and professional guide certified in both First Aid and CPR.  

1:          $299

2-3:     $189 pp 

4-14:  $129 pp

Shuttle Only Pricing:

Pricing is round trip with approximately two and a half hours available for your ride.  If you sign up as a solo traveler, and we can't get additional riders, you can either cancel, or pay solo fare and still go.  Once we have more than 1 traveler, this trip is considered confirmed.  


1:          $199

2-3:     $129 pp 

4-14:  $82 pp

Help fill your shuttle by calling in advance to arrange your preferred date and time. Once booked, Whitefish Shuttle will promote trips to get additional riders to help lower your cost.  If we can't get additional riders, you can either cancel and receive a full refund, or pay solo fare and still go.  

A trip is confirmed once we book 2 or more passengers.  Once a trip is confirmed, cancellations prior to 72 hours of the event will receive a full refund.  No refunds if cancelled within 72 hours of the event.  

Cycle Polebridge!

Cycle Polebridge!

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