Hike Glacier View Mountain

Glacier View Mountain is one of the most scenic hikes in the area.  Right from the start, you are greeted with expansive views of the North Fork River Valley as well as Glacier National Park.  Want to see wildlife?  Bring some binoculars to glass the many miles of sand bars and prairies along the vast river bottom.  The North Fork is famous for wolves, bears, and the occasional moose sighting!

We pick you up from your designated pick up location and shuttle you up to the North Fork River Valley.  The drive will take about 45 minutes.  From there the hike starts right from the road.  There are steep switchbacks that lead up to a ridge. This ridge can be followed for the rest of the hike. Parts of the hike are very steep- we recommend bringing hiking poles for the descent!  The remainder of the hike is a consistent uphill hike to the summit of Glacier View Mountain.  The summit provides views of both Glacier National Park and the North Fork Basin of the Flathead Valley. The descent is the same route as the ascent.  Even if you don't want to go the distance, amazing views of the valley are accessible just a few switchbacks up.



Again, this is an upper-moderate to advanced hike mainly due to the huge vert in a short distance.  It is nearly 1,000 feet per mile right from the start!  Bring/ wear layers as you go up up up, and don't forget a rain jacket.  Also, BRING HIKING POLES!  

We give you  about 2.5 hours to complete the hike.  DON'T BE LATE, WE CAN'T WAIT!

Pricing is round trip with approximately two and a half hours available for your hike.  If you sign up as a solo traveler, and we can't get additional riders, you can either cancel, or pay solo fare and still go.  Once we have more than 1 traveler, this trip is considered confirmed.  


1:          $199

2-3:     $129 pp 

4-14:  $82 pp

Help fill your shuttle by calling in advance to arrange your preferred date and time. Once booked, Whitefish Shuttle will promote trips to get additional riders to help lower your cost.  If we can't get additional riders, you can either cancel and receive a full refund, or pay solo fare and still go.