About Us

  We are hikers and cyclists with a passion for Northwest Montana.  We combine our experience in logistics, outdoors, and customer service to provide our Guests a World Class Experience.


Kurt Schram

Kurt has a varied background in corporate and outdoor businesses. He has done everything from hiking numerous fourteen thousand foot peaks to riding the Leadville Trail 100 mtb. He has thousands of hours of guiding river trips in Colorado and has personally booked thousands and thousands of outdoor trips. On the corporate and logistics side, Kurt has held management positions at a couple Fortune 50's, and most recently a Senior Business Development Officer at UPS Capital. This summer, you'll find Kurt behind the wheel of a shuttle van helping guests find their next adventure!  Contact Kurt at kurt@whitefishshuttle.com


Amanda Schram

Amanda has lived in the mountains her entire life- born in Jackson, Wyoming, raised in Gunnison, Colorado, and has spent most of her adult life in Bend, Oregon. Amanda is an avid skier, mountain and road biker and is gearing up to do the Leadville Trail 100 mtb this summer. Amanda takes care of the back office and will on occasion be spotted behind the wheel.  Contact Amanda at amanda@whitefishshuttle.com


Baxter aka #shuttledog

Baxter, the #shuttledog was adopted from the Thompson River Animal Shelter.  While he is not driving a Shuttle Van, Baxter enjoys barking at the mailman, howling like a wolf, and playing fetch.  Contact Baxter at baxter@whitefishshuttle.com